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Who Are We

Viking Chilli is run by local members of the Hawkesbury district in Sydney. We grow all of our own Chilli's and where possible all other produce is grown and purchased locally, supporting local businesses. 

Viking Chilli is a small farmers market producer who sells and distributes to a range of valued businesses across Sydney and also directly to the public. 

We generally respond to enquiries through our website within 1 to 24 hours.

Is Purchasing on our online store secure?

Our site uses "Wix Stores" as a secure online shopping platform.

Wix uses SSL Encryption and is trusted by over 150 Million Customers worldwide.

More information on Wix Security can be found here;

Food Saftey

We take food safety seriously and abide by national standards in food preparation and handling. 

We are registered and approved by the Hawkesbury Council as food handlers Ref: TFP0117/19 for F/Y 2020 and our commercial kitchen facility is regulated by the NSW Food Authority.